Preluk – a legend that lives on

The Kvarner region has always been a part of developed Europe. Owing to the existing industry and tourism, it has become a European hotspot for


Sugar Palace

The sugar refinery is the first and oldest industrial plant in Rijeka. It was founded in 1750. to process sugar cane and raw sugar. It


Veli vrh

Veli vrh offers a unique view that stretches over the entire Kvarner Bay, the islands of Krk and Cres, the Učka Mountain as well as


Grobnik Automotodrom

Automoto sports in the area of Kvarner have deep roots and a rich and famous history, with a tradition which dates back to the beginning


A ring of Rijeka’s promenades

A ring of promenades was conceived as a semicircular connection between the extreme south-eastern point (Plumbum) and the extreme north-western point (Preluk) of the city


Platak Ski Resort

Platak is probably the only ski resort in our vicinity where, from the top of the funicular (1363 m), you can enjoy a sea view!


Sailing along the coast of Rijeka and the Kvarner islands is one of the most exciting ways to explore Croatia and its natural beauty.


Rječina Canyon

The marked pedestrian-excursion path Šetnica along the Rječina from Trsat to the source of the Rječina is a favorite destination for excursionists. The most significant


Učka Nature Park

Free climbing, horseback riding, skydiving, caving… are just some of the activities you can do on Učka.

Diving Centres and Clubs

The Adriatic has one of the most indented coasts in Europe and its northern part is especially attractive for divers who like to dive on


Windsurfing in Preluk

The bay between Rijeka and Opatija is called Preluk and is known by absolutely every windsurf lover in Croatia as well as in the neighbouring


Rijeka Area Bike Route

Rijeka and its surrounding area have everything you need to spend a perfect active holiday. This is a peculiar region where the sea meets the

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