Memorial library and collection Mažuranić-Brlić-Ružić, Villa Ružić

The library and the Mažuranić-Brlić-Ružić collection are located at Pećine, in Rijeka, inside the villa of the famous Rijeka family Ružić.

The Ružić family villa was built in the area of Pećine by Viktor Ružić in 1938. During the period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, he was the governor of the Sava Banate. Thanks to his marriage with Nada Brlić, daughter of the Croatian writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, the Brlić surname became part of the family. At the same time, the Mažuranić surname was connected to the Ružić family, including the Croatian governor and writer Ivan Mažuranić. Following the traces of these historical and parental bonds, the villa was, in accordance with its owner’s last will, a place where the library was to be set up, together with a collection of furniture and art objects.

The main part of this collection is Ivan Mažuranić’s library and his archive. The manuscript of Gundulić’s epic poem, Osman, from 1647 is stored here, a gift from Petar Petrović Njegoš. The library has eight thousand books and the archive with two thousands volumes. In 1947, the villa received the status of monument heritage. The symbol of the collection is the ring of Smail-aga Čengić, the main character in Mažuranić’s epic poem of the same name.

Visits with prior notice at +385 91 512 7254

Pećine 5
Pećine 5
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