Permanent exhibitions at the Rijeka Faculty of Maritime Studies

Titanic-Carpathia-100 years later/Maritime Military Academy, 1866-1914 Giants of the Sea hr

Titanic-Carpathia…100 godina poslije – with this exhibition the Faculty of Maritime Studies of Rijeka marked the hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and soon after being opened, the exhibition went on permanent display in the hall on the first floor. Special emphasis is placed on the ship Carpathia, whose crew rescued the survivors from the Titanic, as well as on its connection to Rijeka.

Maritime Military Academy,1866-1914 – – 1914. the exhibition dedicated to the long and rich history of the faculty which was attended by some of the highest ranking officers as well as some of the well-known admirals and naval commanders from several Central European countries. It is displayed on the first floor in front of the Dean’s office.

Divovi mora – The Faculty is honoured to have on its walls the original copies of the series of paintings, by the famous painter from Rijeka Nevenko Žunic, named Giants of the Sea.

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Note: Ulaz na izložbe je slobodan
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