Stadium Kantrida

Rijeka’s stadium lies between the sea and the rocks, and its special and attractive position earned it the third place on the CNN’s list of the most unusual stadiums in the world.

One of Croatia’s unique stadiums is located in the neighbourhood of Kantrida, in the western part of the city of Rijeka between the seashore and steep cliffs. This sports arena is special thanks to its surroundings – the beauty and atmosphere created by the old stone quarry (“kave”). It was opened on 1 June 1913. With great zeal and enthusiasm, the young people from Sušak, members of the Croatian sports club Victoria, turned the abandoned stone quarry into the first football field with the prescribed dimensions.

Kantrida was remodelled over the years and around 1925 it began to resemble a genuine sports facility, which is evident from numerous photos and postcards from that time and later. They also show that the name of the stadium changed over time. The current layout of the stadium was created in the mid-1930s, when it was thoroughly renovated. On its western side, which is closer to the sea, modern concrete covered stands were constructed (now the central part of the large west section), and smaller stands were built on their left and right. At the same time, the field was also thoroughly renovated, a drainage system was installed and access ways from the east and west side were created. The circular track was also remodelled and a mesh fence was erected. The track was somewhat longer than the usual running track because it was also used for bicycle races and dirt-track racing, predecessor of the speedway on a grass or clay surface.

Today, the stadium is mainly used for football and athletics, and sometimes for concerts and tournaments. A beach volleyball field is located close by, as well as a beach, playground and dog beach.

The most famous clubs of the former Kingdoms of Italy and Yugoslavia were guests of the Stadium Kantrida, while guests now come from the independent Croatia and Europe.

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