Rijeka’s beginnings

The oldest traces of human presence in today’s area of ​​Rijeka date back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic times, and the remains of prehistoric fortifications (Solin above Martinšćica, Trsatski brijeg and Veli vrh – Gradišće above Rječina) date from the Bronze and Iron Ages. Such a settlement dominated the Gulf of Rijeka and provided a port even during the life of the Illyrians (Liburna). The Romans moved the center of life closer to the sea, to the right side of the mouth of the Rječina into the Adriatic, at the site of today’s Old Town. Numerous archaeological findings testify to the urban level of Roman Tarsatika (foundations of Roman ramparts, walls of buildings, remains of thermal baths, Roman gates). With such a location on a gently sloping slope, with a narrow coastal belt, generous sources of drinking water, a sheltered bay with a natural harbor feature, this city had all the predispositions to develop into an important port and trading city.
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