Ri Gastro Advent (Kategorija)

This year, Ri Gastro Advent will transform Riječka Rezolucija Square and 128. Brigade Hrvatske Vojske Square into a never-before-seen Christmas fairy tale venue offering a rainbow of decorations, holiday beverages and authentic local dishes. Visitors will be able to try a variety of traditional regional Christmas and New Year’s Eve foods, which will be prepared by an array of local hospitality workers to a fantastic soundtrack.

Read on to find out what kind of gourmet treats await you at the squares in Rijeka, which you are welcome to visit for a laid-back and delightful gastro Advent experience.


Morski Prasac

The established team of the Morski Prasac beach bar, which boasts several years of experience in organising Advent events, has prepared a smorgasbord of authentic dishes. Snacks, gnocchi and fusi, manestras, grilled dishes, sausages and « sarma » (cabbage rolls) are just some of the foods offered and which are well-complemented by seasonal hot beverages and « rakija » (fruit brandy).


Krasnica d.o.o.

The Krasnica team stands out with their wine list which provides guests to choose between chilled or mulled red and white wines. Before tasting hot cocktails or Zagreb Brewery’s assortment of beers, make sure to ply yourself with hearty holiday grub, such as sausages, « kotlovina » (fried and stewed meat dish) and cabbage rolls, followed by a serving of succulent pancakes.



You can’t have a really good time outside without one of the most popular dishes in the world – French fries. Or, in this case, fries made by Surf’n’Fries, an innovative brand from Rijeka, which first won over our city and then the entire world! In addition to serving French fries in an original packaging with delicious sauces, the restaurant offers hot dogs, chicken nuggets, cheese puffs, special Advent menus and a wide array of non-alcoholic beverages, beer and apple ciders.


Primorska Konoba

Primorska Konoba will showcase an exceptionally diverse offer that will allow visitors to enjoy seasonal savoury and sweet delicacies as well as a plethora of hot beverages, with the especially alluring hot gin and mulled Jack Daniels as standouts, although beer, wine, and homemade « rakija » connoisseurs won’t be left parched either. Along with traditional sausages, hamburgers made with original recipes and meat derived from animals reared at local family farms and meat stews of all sorts, you can also savour Germknödels and other sweet surprises.


Ri Barovi

The sophisticated offer of cold platters comprising homemade charcuterie and cheeses as well as various fish and meat burgers with a cornucopia of additions, ranging from truffles and cabbage to steak tartare and pulled pork, was devised by Ri Barovi, where you’ll be hard pressed to find an empty seat.


Kvarner Ugostiteljstvo

Expect mile-long lines in front of the Kvarner Ugostiteljstvo booth formed by people stopping by for a quick bite and socialising over succulent sausages, porchettas, burgers or cakes and Germknödels from a vast array of pastries. And cap everything off with a mulled Jägermeister for the road.


Tremex d.o.o.

Tremex is in charge for providing fish snacks, as evidenced by the scented trail of fried calamari, fritures, French fries and baked potatoes leading to their booth which also offers mulled wine and draught beer by the gallon.


Varadero Bar

In addition to a wide range of hot and cold beverages, at Varadero Bar’s booth you can find the ever-popular chicken wings and onion rings as well as their mouth-watering signature Varadero Burger. Steak lovers can try the delectable Tagliata sandwich which goes well with fried sweet potatoes or French fries.