As the entire city pulsates in the Advent rhythm and idyllically decorated shop windows gleam everywhere you go, we freely surrender to the joyous holiday atmosphere.

In order to celebrate this special feeling, three traffic spots in the city’s pedestrian zone have been selected this year for installing carefully devised decorative photo corners that will serve as the most gorgeous backdrop for taking Advent photos.

They will allow visitors to capture carefree moments spent at Rijeka Advent and keep the magic alive even after the Christmas lights go out.

Each tells a fascinating story and brings together authentic local motifs with the loveliest holiday traditions in a unique way with the aim to spread the positive spirit of Advent.

By sharing photos taken at the Advent photo corners with the hashtags #RijekaAdvent and #visitRijeka, every visitor will become an ambassador of Rijeka Advent and connect with an ever-growing community of fans of the event that reminds us of the joy of existence.

Since December is, after all, a time for giving, the Rijeka Tourist Board will reward the most original photos with a small gift for the holidays.


Photo point – Rijeka advent story


The steel structure bearing the symbolic moniker « Pine Sails » is a one-of-a-kind showcase of artistic treasure that will tell the Rijeka Advent Story during Advent which provides a detailed depiction of our city under an enchanting holiday veneer.

The pages of the Rijeka Advent Story will leave you immersed in a magical holiday world weaved out of romantic vistas, solemn city symbols and poetically narrated holiday customs. They will rouse in us a sense of belonging and togetherness, whose significance comes to the fore especially at Christmas time.

It is a story that will particularly touch all Rijeka natives and make them proud, while sublimely introducing the visitors to the city, its storied past, dynamic present and the paramount non-tangible essence, tolerance, altruism and family values which are deeply ingrained in the souls of its residents.

An overview of holiday motifs and the best of wishes for the upcoming new year, which is paved with history, will allow us to live in the moment illuminated by the full splendour of the simplest noble emotions.

Let the Rijeka Advent Story take you on an unparalleled emotional journey and experience Rijeka Advent from an entirely new perspective.

This mesmerising art structure will send the most beautiful image of Rijeka Advent out into the world from Bazarig Passage opposite Rijeka’s most recognisable symbol – the City Tower.

Photo point – Advent bench


Whether old classmates, first loves with whom we shared awkward kisses in the park or teammates on the sports fields and courts, sharing a bench with someone indicates that we feel something special for that person – love, friendship, sporting spirit or the fondest memories from Rijeka Advent, where this year you will find the loveliest Advent bench bedecked with captivating decorative details.

Sit pretty and… smile please!

The idyllically decorated Advent bench is located between Korzo and the 128th Brigada Hrvatske Vojske Square.


Photo point – Magical coastal forest


Rijeka Advent is special in many ways and in addition to the murmur of the sea, a waterfront ice skating rink, the most wonderful Advent on the coast now also boasts its own forest.

The enchanted coastal forest is located at Riječka Rezolucija Square, where it delights Ri Gastro Advent visitors with the sound of great music and inviting holiday gastro delicacies and offers a genuine winter holiday atmosphere in the very heart of the city.

We all know that overwhelming feeling when we do a good deed for someone else and that is exactly what the Magical Coastal Forest, which was inspired by children’s fairy tales and animated moves, symbolises. There you will experience the joy of giving by quite literally sitting on a large Christmas present for the most charming photos that will always remind you of the joy of Advent.