Adventski sajam (Kategorija)

During the winter months in downtown Rijeka, our local exhibitors offer their traditional products and some fairly original Christmas presents. The holiday season at Korzo, with the help of colourful candy and fragrant « fritule » (doughnuts), brings back memories of childhood Christmas celebrations, while the main Rijeka promenade teems with local residents and numerous guests, even during cold days.

All along Korzo and Republika Hrvatska Square, visitors can browse through fascinating handicrafts, Christmas decorations and choose special gifts to place under the Christmas tree, as the sounds of Christmas carols and scents of famous Croatian delicacies fill the air.

The selection is bountiful: from honey, beekeeping, lavender and wool products, natural cosmetics, teas, jams, syrups, liqueurs, « rakija », wines and sparkling wines, charcuterie, cheeses, olive oil to a variety of pastries.

Everything that has been produced by the diligent hands of numerous families throughout the year will be displayed at the holiday fair which perfectly captures the holiday spirit while permeating the city Advent.

Myriad local producers of authentic products under the well-known Primorsko-Goranska Kašetica brand will also be represented with a wide range of homemade products from their family farms.