This year’s Rijeka Advent has plenty of new features in store for its visitors. One such surprise is Verdi Street, the latest Advent location, where young local caterers will join forces in spicing up the Rijeka Advent gastro scene and elevate the Advent street food to a whole new level. This group are seasoned veterans when it comes to gastro street parties, which is why some of the offered delicacies have already become popular outside the region. This year, Christmas market favourites from all parts of our beautiful country, as well as other Food Truck and Street Food events, will once again delight guests in Rijeka and there will be no scarcity of brand-new recipes and meat and fish delicacies concocted especially for this occasion. When it comes to booze, this is the go-to place for everyone seeking out fresh flavours because, in addition to the usual bar offer, here you will find innovative hot and cold cocktails, « rakija », sparkling wines, a comprehensive wine list and a variety of interesting non-alcoholic beverages.

The Advent gastro scene has never been more impressive and all you have to do is choose your favourite salty and sweet delectations. For starters, we suggest that you come and meet them as soon as possible, seeing as how renowned chefs, along with up-and-coming virtuosos, will be there and their culinary skills are only matched by their talent to provide a good time!


The venue dubbed Adventing by the Theatre is bound to become an Advent mecca for all true foodies!



Few cities can boast a Christmas market booth with a Michelin star and Rijeka is one of them, courtesy of the world-famous chef Deni Srdoč, whose culinary bravado has amazed from an early age. The Advent section of the spectacular Nebo restaurant, which is part of the Hilton Rijeka Costabella Beach Resort & Spa, will prepare modern street food exclusively with ingredients from Croatian farms and couple their unique dishes with Croatian wine varieties for an ultimate hedonistic gastro experience.


Three Monkeys

This year, the Three Monkeys bar in Rijeka, which is widely renowned for its exquisite cocktails, will showcase its selection on Verdi Street, draped in holiday decor. A number of Rijeka natives, the bar’s regular patrons, are already familiar with their unmatched bartending prowess, while the rest of us eagerly await their latest concoctions for Rijeka Advent. All we know for now is that they have announced a carefully curated list of hot cocktails in addition to their usual drinks.


Picnic Mingle&Fun

Picnic Mingle&Fun is a must-stop at Food Truck festivals and Christmas markets which has won heaps of awards for its food as well as for offering the best drinks and desserts at various events. The Picnic Food Truck offer consists of several burgers, including their signature Blackie Burger, special slow-cooked beef cheeks and the innovatively prepared duck with « mlinci » (thin dried flatbread). Their mulled wine is like no other, while the mulled gin and hot cocktails they intend to serve are made from local ingredients processed by themselves.


Rakhia Bar

The popular Rakhia Bar, which is an unmissable venue for many local patrons when going out on the town in Rijeka, has moved its abundant selection of « rakija » drinks to the Christmas market in Rijeka. This well-known brand’s Advent booth offers two-dozen homemade « rakijas » and a bonafide superstar, The Hogster –their own « rakija » which has been unveiled this year. They have complemented their offer with a gastro collaboration with Mate Janković who will be preparing innovative and unorthodox dishes made from fresh local ingredients in his hometown. It will be difficult to choose from five the dishes on offer and a host of popular « rakijas ».


Di Mare Desserts

Also joining Adventing is Di Mare Desserts, which offers the popular waffle pops that all fans of sweet food can try with somewhat less common side dishes. In addition to popular spreads, such as Nutella or Linolada, the more adventurous types may experiment by adding Smarties, chocolate sprinkles, marmalade, coconut, hazelnut or Oreos. Finally, treat yourself to a classic hot chocolate with whipped cream because there is no such thing as overindulgence when it comes to Advent.


Fiorello Pub

If you’re looking for a great cocktail, all roads lead to Fiorello Pub, which has moved all its most valuable assets to Rijeka Advent. Those who venture to try something new can choose between the ever-popular classic and fruity gin-and-tonics and three types of Mule cocktails, while fans of shots can peruse the seemingly endless list of « rakija » brandies and liqueurs.  If holding a cold drink in your hand in December is not your thing, there’s a classic choice just for you – four varieties of warm punch.



Nosh is a catering establishment in Rijeka whose interesting brunch offer is a breath of fresh air, which is why it will most likely become the go-to destination for a quality bite in an Advent surrounding. Their booth will offer some quite exotic combinations, such as fish sausages and pulled duck, which definitely qualify as some of the most intriguing dishes of this year’s Advent.  Then there is the popular Philly cheese sandwich, falafel, mac and cheese, meatball marinara and a very special hot cocktail that will warm you well during the cold days.