Windsurfing in Preluk

The bay between Rijeka and Opatija is called Preluk and is known by absolutely every windsurf lover in Croatia as well as in the neighbouring countries. The reason is the northern wind (the Tramontana), that is, the wind that blows here almost every morning and offers unforgettable surfing or sailing experience, both summer and winter.

Whether you sail or surf you have to do it early in the morning, because the wind stops an hour or two after sunrise. The morning scene of many surfers ”gliding” over the water is certainly not to be missed. Some of them get up at two o’clock in the morning to get to Preluk on time and enjoy the wind and the sea.

The Tramontana can reach high speeds, therefore caution is recommended. If you are unsure about your surfing or sailing skills, ask around for clubs and instructors who will be happy to teach you the magic of sailing and surfing.

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