Traffic information – Carnival parade on 18 June 2022. 6. 2022.

On the day of the Carnival Parade, June 18, 2022 6. 2022. a no-traffic zone will be established in the area of ​​the city center for all vehicles except for vehicles participating in the Carnival Parade. All traffic, including public city transport vehicles, will be directed through the northern traffic corridor, i.e. the streets F. la Guardije, Pomerio and Žrtava fascizma in the west-east direction, i.e. the streets Školjić, I. Grohovac, Žrtava fascizma, Pomerio and F. la Guards in the east-west direction.

On the day of the Carnival Parade, June 18, 6. from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. (June 19), all vehicles will be prohibited from driving in the area of ​​the inner city of Rijeka, bounded by the following streets:

  1. Riva street
  2. Riva Boduli street
  3. Ivan Zajca Street
  4. Ribarska street
  5. Fiumara Street
  6. Scarpa street
  7. Adamićeva Street – to Trpimirova Street
  8. Zadarska street
  9. in all streets in the area between Korza, ie Scarpa street and the coast.

Until 4:30 p.m., police officers will let organized carnival groups with allegorical cars and other participants of the carnival procession who will come by bus from the east along Fiumara, Scarpina and Adamićeva streets to the meeting point in Riva Street. After 16:30, all organized carnival groups with allegorical cars and buses will be directed, like other traffic, through the northern corridor.

The ban on traffic will be implemented by installing bumpers to mark obstacles with appropriate traffic signs, protective fences and signal cones (cones) to mark obstacles on the road.

Police officers and employees of the Traffic Police will ensure and monitor compliance with the established temporary road traffic regime and, if necessary, regulate traffic manually.

In order to ensure, in the event of an emergency, the possibility of evacuating the area of ​​the no-traffic zone during the Carnival Parade, two main evacuation routes have been planned, namely the D404 road (from the intersection with Ribarska Street to the Vežica junction to the east) and Krešimirova Street (from Trg Žabica to intersection with Nikola Tesla Street to the west).

Police officers and employees of the Traffic Police will pay special attention to ensuring patency along the mentioned evacuation routes.

On the day of the carnival parade, from 2:00 p.m., vehicles will be prohibited from entering Riva Boduli Street, and thus into the Market area.

In Školjić Street (at the exit from the gas station) turning towards the city center will be prohibited for all vehicles except public city transport buses.

At the intersection of the streets Žrtava fašizma – Fiumara – Titov trg, turning from Žrtava fašizma Street towards the city center will be prohibited for all vehicles as well as towards Titov trg. The permitted direction of movement is exclusively straight towards Rade Šupića Street.
At the intersections of Riva Street, Ivan Zajca Street and Adamićeva Street, entry/exit of vehicles to/from Splitska Street, Zanonova Street, Wenzelova Street and Ribarska Street will be prohibited.
In the area of ​​Jelačić Square, all vehicles will be prohibited from exiting Veslarska Street and M. Gupca Street.
In the area of ​​Jadranska trg, at the intersection of Zadarska and Trpimirova streets, the entry of vehicles into Zadarska street will be prohibited.
At the intersection of Ciottina and Ivana Pavla II Streets, the entry of vehicles towards the southern branch of Ciottina Street will be prohibited. There will be a no-traffic sign and a mandatory direction to the left towards Ivana Pavla II Street.
At the intersection of Ulica Erazma Barčića and Dolac, the entry of vehicles towards the southern branch of Ulica Erazma Barčića will be prohibited. Place a no-traffic sign and a mandatory right direction sign from Dolac Street..
At the exit from the “Beretich” parking lot in E. Barčića Street, there will be a mandatory left sign, towards the northern branch of Erazma Barčića Street.
Protective fences will be installed at the intersection of Ulica E. Barčića and Ciottina (both pedestrian crossings on Jadranski trg near Erste banka).
Traffic from Žrtava fašizma Street will only be directed straight along Rade Šupića Street and further according to regular traffic regulation.

All vehicles that are located in the area of ​​the market and the passenger terminal during the carnival parade will be diverted via Demetrova Street through the port area on the Delta to the intersection of state road D404 and the access road to the container terminal Brajdica.

Public city and suburban transport buses coming from the west will turn at the intersection of Krešimirova Street and Nikola Tesla Street (near the railway station) into Nikola Tesla Street and continue driving along V. Cara Emina Street and further east.
Buses of public city and suburban transport coming from the east will be redirected at Titovo trg across the northern bridge to the direction of traffic along the northern corridor.

Intercity buses with a destination at the Žabica bus station will be able to drive along Krešimirova Street to the location of the bus station.

Croatian Post delivery vehicles will be allowed to drive to Trg Žabica and further to the “HŽ Žabica” warehouse.

In case of extremely high traffic load and traffic congestion in the area of ​​the city center during the carnival procession, a temporary traffic ban will be implemented on the roads of the wider city area leading towards the city center. A total of ten traffic-strategic intersections will be planned, where temporary traffic signals will be prepared, which will prevent the continuation of traffic by all vehicles, except for public city transport vehicles, TAXI vehicles and vehicles of persons with disabilities, in the direction of the city center.

Traffic strategic intersections where temporary traffic signals will be prepared are:
I intersection of Zvonimirova Street and R. Benčića Street
II intersection of Vukovarska Street and L. Tomee Street
III intersection of Braće Branchetta Street and Kresnikove Street
IV intersection of Osječka Street, 1. Maja Street and Tizianove Street street
V intersection of Tizianove Street, Laginjina Street and Baštijanova Street
VI intersection of F. Račko Street in the area of ​​Orehovice
VII intersection of Mihanovićeva Street and J. Rakovac Street
VIII intersection of Kumičićeva Street and Kvaternikova Street
IX intersection of Kumičićeva Street and D. Gervais Street
X intersection of JP Kamova Street and Radnička Street

The need for a traffic ban will be assessed by an authorized MUP official.

The shuttle stop for the transport of passengers to/from the airport will be moved to the position of Platform 5 at the Žabica bus station after the traffic blockade at 3:00 p.m.

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