Tourist Valorisation of Representative Monuments to Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage

This project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

Project description
The integrated programme “Tourist Valorisation of Representative Monuments to Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage” is focused on renovating and restoring to functionality two representative protected cultural monuments – the ship Galeb and the Palace of the Sugar Refinery, as a part of the ex-industrial complex Rikard Benčić. The programme includes creating a new cultural/tourist route, as well as science education and promotion activities with the goal of promoting the project and raising awareness of cultural heritage amongst the general populace.
At the end of the reconstruction and equipping, the monuments will measure a total of 95,424.9 m2 and they will have a diverse range of cultural and commercial purposes: hosting permanent museum collections, occasional exhibitions, creative workshops, a summer cinema, themed conferences, accommodation, and a series of commercial services tied directly to cultural heritage. The project holder is the City of Rijeka, and the partners are the Rijeka Tourist Board and the University of Rijeka.

Goals and expected results
The project “Tourist Valorisation of Representative Monuments to Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage” is an integrated development project based on revitalising and protecting representative monuments to industrial heritage in the city of Rijeka, and on improving industrial heritage management. Also, together with the partner organisations, its goal is to create an integral cultural/tourist destination with a new cultural and tourism offer, developed within representative monuments to Rijeka’s industrial heritage as a communal and unique cultural-tourist product, contributing to tourist recognisability, the number of visits, and sustainable development at the local and regional level.

Total project value
The total project value is HRK 81,339,442.05, and non-refundable EU funding is HRK 68,891,606.18.

Project execution period: 1/6/2017 – 1/6/2020

Contact for more information
Phone: 051 209 555

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