Tourist numbers in Rijeka continue to break records

Tourist traffic in July was 28% higher compared to the record 2019. year


In order to conclude that the tourist season is in full swing in Rijeka, it is enough to take a walk on Korza, enter one of the shops in the city center or try to find a place on the terrace of a cafe near the Rijeka waterfront or in the shadow of the sights of the Old Town.

Even without looking into statistical data, the lively buzz that fills the city at any time of the day, in which the most diverse world languages ​​are intertwined, merchants and restaurateurs who automatically welcome guests by greeting them in English, are a clear sign that there are more and more tourists in the city.

When exploring the city, we can meet them at every step, and it will be difficult to pass through Rijeka without spotting at least one tourist group with a guide on an organized sightseeing tour.

The specific figures break records in July as well, so 32,690 arrivals and a total of 112,891 tourist overnights were realized in Rijeka. Compared to the same month last year, arrivals are 45% more, and compared to July, 2019 has been the most successful for tourism so far. year, the increase is 17%. Compared to last July, the number of overnight stays is 46% more and 28% more than in July 2019. year.

Summing up the tourist results since the beginning of the year, it drastically surpassed last year in the same period, more precisely by 114% in arrivals and 95% in terms of overnight stays, and compared to the same period in 2019. a significant increase of 7% in arrivals and 21% in overnight stays is also visible.

Foreign tourists contribute the most to these impressive numbers, who in July made up 93% of all arrivals and 95% of the total number of overnight stays. Citizens of Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy spent the most nights.

In July, Rijeka recorded the largest increase in tourist arrivals in Kvarner compared to the same month last year, and cumulatively looking at the results since the beginning of 2022. Rijeka achieves the best results compared to 2021. and the largest increase in the number of overnight stays compared to the record 2019. year

The fact that Rijeka is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination in recent years is also proven by the constant increase in the average length of stay, which in July was 3.5 days for foreign tourists and 2.7 days for domestic tourists.

When we add to these figures all those guests who visited Rijeka, but did not spend the night in the city area, we can definitely say that the efforts of the destination’s stakeholders and significant investments in tourism show excellent results and that Rijeka has become an unavoidable stop on the tourist map of the wider region.

Almost 10,000 cruise ship guests visited Rijeka in July, most of whom spent the day visiting the most famous attractions, shops and cafes, discovering Rijeka’s beaches and the city, to which some of them will easily return.

With rich cultural programs, concerts, events and offers on Rijeka’s beaches, Rijeka is becoming more and more competitive among much better-known summer destinations, and the latest tourist statistics once again prove that everyone can find content to their taste.

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