The summer date of this year’s extraordinary Carnival Parade of the Rijeka Carnival has been announced

Rijeka’s “fifth season” has closed and the date of the largest event of the Rijeka Carnival has been officially announced, exceptionally this year, in the summer.

The Carnival Parade of the Rijeka Carnival will be held on June 18, 2022.

After three decades, the Master od Ceremony Toni has officially handed over the duty to the new Rijeka Carnival’s Master of Ceremony Sandi Pribanić, who has been representing the carnevalists at traditional carnival events in our region in the last few weeks.

Following the example of his experienced colleague, the new Master od Ceremony will be the main leader and host of the Rijeka Carnival as well as a representative of our Carnival tradition in Croatia and the world, and will have the great honor of leading the extraordinary Carnival parade of the Rijeka Carnival.

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