The summer date of this year’s extraordinary Carnival Parade of the Rijeka Carnival has been announced

Rijeka’s “fifth season” has closed and the date of the biggest manifestation of the Rijeka Carnival, exceptionally this year, in the summer season, has been officially announced.

On the day when the International Carnival Parade was supposed to be held, the main actors of the Rijeka Carnival gathered at Karolina Rijeka Pier and attended the traditional lighting of the carnival group POM-F-RI in the waters of the Rijeka port.

After Janssen Cipljen paid for all the bad things that happened last year and disappeared in the flames, the attention of the gathered was directed to the coast, where the Trsat Brass Band and the First Rijeka Majorettes announced the festive part of the program with their performances, surrounded by representatives of carnival groups. The leaders of the city, Rijeka tourism and well-known faces of the Rijeka Carnival then entered the stage, and accompanied by Morčić, the handing over of the city key began.

Retired Maestro Toni was thanked for his immeasurable contribution to the development and promotion of the Rijeka Carnival by the former mayor of the City of Rijeka, Vojsko Obersnel, who for many years entrusted him with the key to the city, along with an appropriate gift and a historic appointment, which Maestro Toni deserved for his invaluable engagement. . Anton Škrobonja – Toni was declared Honorary Master of the Rijeka Carnival! The City of Rijeka also prepared a sign of attention on the occasion of his well-deserved retirement, and it was presented with a special dedication by the Mayor of the City of Rijeka, Marko Filipović. With heartfelt thanks, the famous Meštar proudly received a plaque as a sign of the highest carnival award, with which he will write another page in the history of the Rijeka Carnival, which he has lived and supported to the fullest all these years, which he plans to do in the future. However, he leaves the main role, which brings with it a large and suitable job, to a worthy successor. Sandi then entered the scene, who first addressed Toni, handed him a personal personalized gift that he had made especially for this ceremony with the members of his carnival group, the Draška maškars, and, with ovations from the representatives of the carnival groups and everyone present, thanked him for the appointment and announced that he would faithfully and responsibly fulfill the duties of the Master. The Trsat Brass Band also wished the new Maestro a musical welcome, and the most anticipated moment of the evening followed. As everyone already knows, the International Carnival Parade, which was supposed to be at its peak, was postponed because, due to the expected extremely large number of participants and visitors as well as the demanding organization, it was not possible to obtain the necessary funds for its holding in epidemiologically risky circumstances permits, which caused stormy reactions from lovers of the Rijeka Carnival. With special pleasure, the maestro, holding the hand of the Queen of the Rijeka Carnival, Dora Pilepić, with whom she continues this year’s carnival adventure, finally announced: “See you at the extraordinary carnival procession of the Rijeka Carnival on Saturday, June 18, 2022!” With the great enthusiasm of all gathered, congratulations, music and colorful costumes, the program leaders Josip Krmpotić and Robert Ferlin greeted everyone present and thus closed today’s carnival program, and the positive and cheerful atmosphere and the spirit of community that was felt in the air hinted that wealth carnival tradition remains in good hands, and the Rijeka Carnival expects a bright future!

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