The program of the special edition of the Rijeka Carnival has been announced

An extraordinary summer edition of the Rijeka Carnival was announced at the press conference held today at the Trsat Castle. Its programs were presented by the Mayor of the City of Rijeka Marko Filipović, Director of the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka Petar Škarpa, Mayor Sandi and current Queen of the Rijeka Carnival Dora Pilepić and representatives of patrons, representatives of Erste Bank – regional director of the economy sector Barbara Bernetić Ćiković, regional marketing manager of Zagreb Brewery Ivan Marohnić and the President of Spar Hrvatska – Mr. Helmut Fenzl.

The beginning of everyone’s favorite event in Rijeka is approaching, which, exceptionally this year, is being held in the summer term! The Rijeka Carnival in its unprecedented form will be a festival of fun and good mood, as it always is, but this year with premiere programs that will include a large number of city locations, which will turn the extended June weekend into an unrepeatable summer carnival story. From June 17 to 19, concerts and parties in the open air, songs and socializing under the starry June sky, carnival costumes under which it will not be necessary to line up layers of clothes, will mark the beginning of summer in a unique way, which will be full of content in Rijeka this year for all ages. Rijeka is becoming an unavoidable summer destination,

Director of the Tourist Board of Rijeka, Petar Škarpa, greeted all those present and expressed his satisfaction during the preparations for the extraordinary edition of the Rijeka Carnival: “This winter, we had to make the difficult decision to postpone the biggest carnival events that could not be held in the traditional time frame due to the epidemiological measures that were in force, but with the plan that we will not skip another year of “live” carnival socializing. This is precisely its greatest beauty, and that is why I am especially glad that today we can present the rich program of the Rijeka Carnival.

The announcements for its extraordinary edition are excellent, and this unusual scenario opened up new organizational possibilities for us, which we tried to make the best use of and provide our citizens and visitors, all fans of the Carnival, but also those who find themselves in our city during this term, a unique summer experience A carnival and a June weekend to remember.”

Mayor Marko Filipović pointed out: “This year’s carnival parade is a real “let’s go, don’t pray” parade. I believe that we all feel that the passage of carnivalists along Rijeka’s Korza will be the official sign of victory over the pandemic. I invite everyone to join the fun in this exceptional, summer edition of Rijeka’s fifth season.”

Master Sandi added that he is very glad that this extraordinary edition of the Rijeka Carnival will be held at the initiative of the Rijeka carnival groups, while he is also looking forward to the soon return of the Rijeka Carnival in its full glory next winter. He announced that the masquerades are ready to organize an unforgettable summer festival and once again invited all carnivalgoers and all those who want to have a good time to come to the Rijeka Carnival and open the summer season in Rijeka in style. “I’m excited about my first performances at the Rijeka Carnival parades in the role of maestro, already on Saturday we’re hanging out with the youngest at the Children’s Carnival Parade, for which I’m preparing a special maestro costume, and I expect that the Saturday of the Carnival Parade, June 18, will be as crazy as it is seen only on the opening day of the European Capital of Culture 2020.”

“The prelude to the craziest weekend will be given by our youngest carnivalists who will perform on June 4, a day that will be completely dedicated to children and all those who feel that way, and there will be music, dance, shows and plays, so I invite you to come to the Rijeka Korzo and enjoy a masquerade party for the whole family,” announced Petar Škarpa.

Characters from fairy tales, fictional creatures, and traditional masks will parade through Rijeka’s Korza in the most cheerful procession that will start at 5 p.m. from the Karolina Rijeka Gate. After proudly presenting their costumes, which they prepared diligently with their parents, aunts, teachers, they will once again perform their choreography in Exportdrvo, where they will continue to socialize with their favorite carnival refreshments.

The youngest, preschool and school-age children will also participate in the Children’s Carnival Parade this time, and traditionally, before they start their route with the “river” of masqueraders, they will visit the mayor of Rijeka, who in their honor organizes a formal reception in the City for all children’s carnival groups. While they are preparing for their carnival performance in front of the stage on Korzo, the youngest members of the First Rijeka majorettes will charm the crowd with their skillful steps, and then the Tratinčica and Mala tratinčica choirs will take the stage and will present their vocal skills until the start of the parade.

A special surprise awaits visitors after the end of the procession, which will be accompanied by a performance by the Lovran Brass Band, and then the characters of one of the most famous children’s fairy tales, “Ivica and Marica”, performed by the Rijeka City Puppet Theater, will take to the stage at Korz. Entrance to the show, which lasts 40 minutes, is free, and the start of the performance is scheduled for 19:30.

On the Children’s Carnival Day, the current queen of the Rijeka Carnival, Dora Pilepić, sent an invitation:

“The first Saturday in June is reserved for a masquerade party that the whole family will enjoy! Get ready for an unforgettable time, walk with your little ones through the city center, allow them to be whatever they want and take back the best memories from the Rijeka Carnival!”

After the Children’s Parade, there will be preparations for the weekend of June 17 -19, when the entire city will be engulfed in masked madness, and numerous open points in the city center will come to life in the rhythm of the Rijeka Carnival. There will be entertainment, various musical genres and interesting scenery, and what is absolutely certain is that no one in Rijeka will be bored. Whether you are a fan of fun, domestic, foreign or other music, already known names for the best carnival parties or DJs and musicians who will be presenting themselves for the first time as part of the Rijeka Carnival program, that weekend you will find entertainment just to your taste.

The president of Spar Hrvatska’s board, Mr. Helmut Fenzl, reflected on the successful partnership relationship that has long bound them to Rijeka: “As serious partners, we have been with Rijeka even through difficult pandemic times, and we hope that the Rijeka Carnival will mark a return to the familiar rhythm and start a series of big events in the city. I spent part of my childhood in Rijeka and I am especially glad that in this way we can contribute and participate in the organization and continuation of the Rijeka Carnival tradition.”

He also pointed out that Spar continues to make large investments in the area of ​​the city, and the newest Interspar hypermarket in Krnjevo was opened today, where, as in other SPAR outlets, the carnival range will be exceptionally available in the coming weeks, so citizens will and visitors can be equipped for the craziest carnival weekend.

The representative of Erste banka, regional director of the economy sector, Barbara Bernetić Ćiković pointed out that Erste banka is a long-term sponsor of the Rijeka Carnival, and they are extremely proud of it, since it is an event that is deeply woven into the identity and tradition of the city: “Many of our employees regularly participate in The Rijeka Carnival will certainly be like that in this summer edition, so I invite everyone to join us on Korza. Let’s party!“

Ivan Marohnić, regional marketing manager of Zagrebačka pivovara, which is celebrating its 130th birthday this year, said that he hopes that this summer edition will pass in a great mood and be a great announcement of the next Rijeka carnival, which should finally come to life with the well-known schedule in the traditional time: In this year of our celebration, a summer full of events and fun awaits us, and we are very happy to be able to open it with the Rijeka Carnival, which we have loved and supported for many years.”

“The central event, the Carnival Parade of the Rijeka Carnival, is scheduled for Saturday, June 18, 2022, at 5 p.m., when 55 carnival groups will pass through the Korza, and we all can’t wait to see what costumes they have prepared for this summer edition, which will be full of surprises, and definitely will mark the beginning of summer in Rijeka in style, with an explosion of energy and in a recognizable carnival mood.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors of the Rijeka Carnival, especially SPAR, Erste banka and Zagrebačka pivovara, who stand by us and help us organize this extraordinary edition, which represents a completely new experience and many challenges for all of us, but we are confident that we will this year, manage to put on a real spectacle that will be equally enjoyed by participants and visitors. ” – said the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Rijeka and concluded by inviting everyone to join the masked madhouse in Rijeka:

“A really interesting and varied program awaits us, so I invite everyone to come to the Rijeka Carnival, experience a completely different carnival weekend, the craziest weekend this year in Rijeka! Who didn’t come – let him be sorry!”

Program of the special edition of the Rijeka Carnival

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