Sugar Palace

The sugar refinery is the first and oldest industrial plant in Rijeka. It was founded in 1750. to process sugar cane and raw sugar.

It was located on the sea coast, and the raw material from the sailing ship was unloaded in front of the factory entrance. In 1786 got a new administrative building, a huge baroque palace. The sugar factory worked until 1828. and was succeeded by the Tobacco Factory. The Tobacco Factory expanded the complex, becoming the largest tobacco processing facility in the Monarchy.

Among the new buildings is a cigar production facility from 1867, called the T-building due to its floor plan. Next to it are two connected power buildings, and their floor plan resembles the letter H. After the Second World War, the Rikard Benčić Motor Factory moved into the complex. Today, Sugar Palace is reminiscent of a late-baroque palace, in which numerous painted walls and relief decorations have been preserved. The palace is undergoing extensive restoration and conservation work.

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