Prirodoslovni Exhibitions, Other
Location: Natural History Museum Rijeka
Location / City: Rijeka
Date: 02.11.2021 - 30.11.2021
Event start time: -

Treasure Below Kvarner – Mollusca in the Kvarner Region. The new exhibition at the Museum will showcase the biology and ecology of snails, slugs and molluscs as well as their distribution and endangerment in the Kvarner region, with emphasis on the significance of this group of organisms for the functioning of the marine ecosystem. Exhibition author: Milvana Arko-Pijevac, photos by: Marinko Babić, Marko Varljen.

Treasure of the Kvarner Seabed – Mollusca – venue: Rijeka Fish Market, the underwater photo exhibition will introduce you to Mollusca inhabiting the sea off Kvarner. Exhibition author: Milvana Arko-Pijevac
Photos by: Marinko Babić
The Flora on Both Sides of the Wall, exhibition at the Museum’s Littoral Botanical Garden.

Educational programme Wacky Scientist at Home (online).

Educational birthday workshops: Grow Up with the Museum! The workshops, whose aim is to have children between the ages of 5 and 15 spend their favourite day in a special, unique and creative way, will take place all month long, depending on the protection and prevention measures against COVID-19. Available themes: Rulers of the Sea, The Secret Life of Bugs, Nature’s Superheroes and MysteryMind, Mad Scientists, Wild Kvarner and Cool Birthday.