Rijeka Water Glass

On the 22nd March, at the occasion of the 2016 World Water Day, the City of Rijeka, the ViK – Public Utility Company for Water Supply and Sewerage System March, they launched a project of promotion and branding of Rijeka water from Spina. The Rijeka Tourist Board initiated the Rijeka Water Branding Project and promoted the usage of water from the tap. In this context a glass for water was designed by Vesna Rozman, as a souvenir and utensil. As of today, the 17th June 2016 the Rijeka Water Glass, can be bought at the Rijeka Tourist Information Centre, Korzo 14, at the Rijeka downtown, for a price of 30 HRK. The project will be continued with the design of a Rijeka Water Glass Bottle, which will soon be launched. These activities build on the plans for renovation of Rijeka water tanks and paths along the banks of the Rjecina River, along with big investments in water supply and drainage that the City of Rijeka has been implementing for several years.

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