Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant and Handover of the City Key

The carnival madness in Rijeka starts with the Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant and the handover of the city key to the Master of the Carnival. In this event, which over the last couple of years has taken place in the Youth Sports Hall, the Carnival formally gets the most charming spokeswoman of masked groups. In front of a crowded Youth Sports Hall, in a special musical and scenic performance, the carnival group’s spokeswomen – the Rijeka Carnival Queen – gets elected and will participate in all formal Rijeka Carnival’s presentations.

Within the programme, the ceremony in which the Mayor hands over the city key to the “Carnival Master” accompanied with an adequate entertainment programme marks the formal opening of the Rijeka Carnival. From that moment on, the masks rule the city and all worries are forgotten. The celebration and a rich cultural and entertainment programme begin. Rijeka’s FIFTH SEASON is under way!!!

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