Rijeka Carnival in a new term

Antonja is approaching when Rijeka traditionally enters its fifth season, the favorite season of all fans of carnival events, relaxed masked parties and autochthonous carnival customs, but the Rijeka Carnival will not be able to take place in its usual edition this year either. “Unfortunately, due to the new strong wave of the coronavirus pandemic and the need to comply with stricter epidemiological measures, the Rijeka Carnival cannot be held in its full scope at the moment, so the central events of the carnival – the International Carnival Parade and Children’s Carnival Parade.” – said the mayor of Rijeka, Mr. Marko Filipović. Nevertheless, the fans and participants as well as the numerous audience who eagerly await each edition of the Rijeka Carnival, which delights the whole world, will be delighted by the news that the Children’s and International Carnival Parades are still being planned, but this time in the summer term. “This year, the parades are not being canceled entirely, but are being postponed for the summer months, i.e. for a time when a better epidemiological situation is expected. Therefore, the dates of the International Carnival Parade and the Children’s Parade have been moved to the beginning of summer, and I hope that the pandemic will not disrupt our plans even then. The same is the case with the Humanitarian Carnival Ball, the holding of which is also moved to the summer term. Nevertheless, despite the pandemic, part of the carnival events will also take place in this, usual time, so the traditional handover of the City Key to the Carnival Master is already scheduled for Monday, which will be somewhat different this year than it has been so far.” – announced the mayor of Rijeka, Mr. Marko Filipović. Director of the Tourist Board of Rijeka Gradaka, Mr. Petar Škarpa, explained what preceded this decision: “We all look forward to this time of year, but we are also aware that the time we are in is particularly challenging, and we had to be responsible and carefully assess the dangers that holding the Rijeka Carnival could bring at this time. The epidemiological situation in the whole country is very difficult, and while it is so, unfortunately, there cannot be a Rijeka carnival as we are used to until now. The craziest Sunday in our city is a festival of masks, joy, fun, and above all socializing, and this is exactly what we have to give up temporarily, thinking about the health of our fellow citizens and guests, with the hope of returning to the old as soon as possible. The same applies to the weeks preceding the parade itself, in which the groups work intensively on preparing costumes and masks, gather and plan the details of their performances.” With all the efforts to find an adequate alternative to hold the favorite parade while adhering to the epidemiological measures in force, it became clear that in any other form, the basic thing that it represents for carnivalists would be lost – a day in which, under masks, we forget about all the problems and in complete freedom, we enjoy a joint party on Rijeka’s Korzo. “It is with a heavy heart that we announce that the International Carnival Parade, which was supposed to take place on February 27, 2022, will be postponed, as well as other major events of the carnival period, with the exception of programs that can be held by adhering to all epidemiological measures in force.” We really hope and believe that the situation will improve by the summer and that we will all be able to focus on some sweeter concerns – for example, what to wear at a pleasant 25 degrees, and that we will use the months ahead for additional creativity and new ideas which will further improve the quality of Rijeka’s most famous tourist product. Every year, the Rijeka Carnival proudly hosts carnival groups from different countries and friends of the Rijeka Carnival who come from all over the world, and we hope that in the new term we will all be able to gather again, and that this will be an opportunity for those who have always wanted to visit us, and until now they may not have had the opportunity. ” – said Mr. Petar Škarpa.

This year, Rijeka could thus have a real summer refreshment – the Rijeka Carnival in the summer edition – to the great joy of all carnival groups, loyal visitors and partners of the Rijeka Carnival. The handover of the City Key, which traditionally marks the beginning of Rijeka’s Carnival of the Masquerade, is scheduled for Monday, January 17. On that occasion, some more novelties of this edition will be presented, which, by all accounts, will be full of surprises. Despite the postponement of the central events of the manifestation, a cycle of 4 attractive theatrical comedies announced as part of the already traditional “Days of Laughter at the Carnival” program will be played in the Croatian Cultural Center in Sušak, and in accordance with all epidemiological measures and restrictions that will be in force at the time of the event. What will also mark the upcoming days in the city and make our anticipation easier is the colorful carnival decorations that will soon be flying over us, bringing us a good mood and reminding us of the licentious spirit of the carnival tradition.

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