Platak Ski Resort

Platak is probably the only ski resort in our vicinity where, from the top of the funicular (1363 m), you can enjoy a sea view! Platak is very popular both in winter and in summer. After only a few hours of walking along arranged and marked hiking trails Snježnik and Risnjak peaks, with their beautiful belvederes, will appear. Gravel roads at Platak are excellent for mountain biking or an easy walk through nature, whilst the mountain houses are open throughout the whole year.

The microclimate at Platak is unique due to its location. This is a place where the mountain and Mediterranean climates are mixed so, despite its vicinity to the sea, winters on Platak are usually cold and snowy.

At Platak you can do skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or just walking, take a coffee or mulled wine or have a snack in one of the two mountain refuges. There you can rent skis, boots, poles, helmets, snowboards, snowboard boots, sleds and snowmobiles. Tracks for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and cycling are available. There are trails for “Alpine skiing”, trails for “Cross-country skiing” and cycling trails.

You can ski the following pistes at Platak Ski Resort: Radeševo 1, Radeševo 2, the Tourist Ski run, Zavoj 19, Tešnje, Pribeniš 1 and the nursery slope with its 200m long ski lift. You can also go skiing and sledging by taking the 160m long ski lift at the base of Radeševo. There is a well-maintained sledging area available for enthusiasts next to Veliki Dom along with an 80m long ski lift.

The resort is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm with night skiing available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 pm to 10 pm, favourable snow conditions permitting.

Working hours
Monday: od 9 do 16 sati Tuesday: od 9 do 16 sati / ukoliko su snježni uvjeti zadovoljavajući organizira se i noćno skijanje od 19 do 22 sati Wednesday: od 9 do 16 sati Thursday: od 9 do 16 sati Friday: od 9 do 16 sati / ukoliko su snježni uvjeti zadovoljavajući organizira se i noćno skijanje od 19 do 22 sati Saturday: od 9 do 16 sati Sunday: od 9 do 16 sati Holidays: od 9 do 16 sati
Attraction details
Types of attractions : Sport i rekreacija
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