Photo Points

As the entire city pulsates in the Advent rhythm and idyllically decorated shop windows gleam everywhere you go, we freely surrender to the joyous holiday atmosphere.

In order to celebrate this special feeling, three traffic spots in the city’s pedestrian zone have been selected this year for installing carefully devised decorative photo corners that will serve as the most gorgeous backdrop for taking Advent photos.

They will allow visitors to capture carefree moments spent at Rijeka Advent and keep the magic alive even after the Christmas lights go out.

Each tells a fascinating story and brings together authentic local motifs with the loveliest holiday traditions in a unique way with the aim to spread the positive spirit of Advent.

By sharing photos taken at the Advent photo corners with the hashtags #RijekaAdvent and #visitRijeka, every visitor will become an ambassador of Rijeka Advent and connect with an ever-growing community of fans of the event that reminds us of the joy of existence.

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