Photo corner of the Rijeka Carnival

Another fifth season in Rijeka began with the handover of the city key and masquerade, regardless of the postponement of the central events of the Rijeka Carnival, in the weeks ahead they will rule our region. Rijeka’s carnival and its centuries-old tradition live on through folk carnival customs and events that mark the carnival season, and always in the hearts of carnivalgoers who prepare for the carnival all year long.

This year, the colorfulness of the most cheerful season in Rijeka has been enriched with two attractive Photo Points dressed in carnival costumes. Decorative installations dedicated to the Rijeka Carnival will bring us a good mood and remind us of the licentious spirit of the carnival tradition.

In Bazarigo’s passage in front of the City Clock, one of Rijeka’s most famous symbols that also adorns the logo of the Rijeka Carnival, there is a decorative installation made of four illuminated “showcases” which were appropriately taken over by colorful and traditional masks, recognizable multi-colored rhombuses and motifs of the Rijeka Carnival. Through the well-known slogan and interesting details, the “Rijeka Carnival Tent” presents the traditional manifestations of the Rijeka Carnival and pays tribute to the rich history of the carnival carnivals of our region.

On the Square of the 111th Brigade of the Croatian Army, there is a quirky “Carnival bench”, the most beautiful backdrop for carnival photos that will send the world a nice invitation to a city with a rich carnival tradition. The charming and playful bench will immortalize many beautiful memories of the carnival season, and everyone who finds themselves under the crown of the Queen and the hat of the Master of the Rijeka Carnival, at least for a moment, will become the protagonist of the most entertaining carnival in Europe.

Despite the necessary restrictions, in anticipation of the new dates for the Children’s and International Carnival Parades, smaller events, appropriate decorations and the good will and spite of all the people who love the Rijeka Carnival, in just over a month will bring joy to the City and prove once again that the spirit Rijeka carnival unbreakable.

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