Payment of VAT on mediation services of foreign travel agencies

Although most private renters are not liable for value added tax because their annual turnover does not exceed HRK 300,000, renters are required to calculate and pay VAT at a rate of 25% on invoices issued to them by a travel agency based in another country for mediation services (commission) an EU state or a third country. Lessors are not entitled to a deduction (refund) of this VAT. For detailed information, renters should contact their competent Tax Administration.

ePorezna – FINA’s service for small renters

FINA offers the following services to flat-rate lessors who are liable to pay VAT based on the use of mediation services of foreign agencies and portals (brokerage commissions, advertising, etc.):

1. Creating and sending value added tax forms to the ePorezna i system

2. Sending value added tax forms to the ePorezna system

3. Storage of forms in the electronic archive system – FINA e-Archive service

In short, the services enable the flat-rate renter to obtain a tax number at the nearest Tax Administration office and sign a power of attorney at the nearest FINA branch, and then once a month bring (he doesn’t even have to personally) the invoices issued by foreign intermediaries and pay the corresponding VAT. All other administrative actions, from VAT calculation to sending forms to the ePorezna system, are performed by FINA, for a certain fee.

You can find more information at this link FINE

All VAT payers who are obliged to pay based on the use of mediation services of foreign agencies and portals can prepare and send value added tax forms to the ePorezna system themselves by logging into the NIAS-National Identification and Authentication System (e-Citizens).

For all accounting, tax and finance related questions regarding accommodation in the landlord’s household, you can call the RRiF plus doo, Zagreb, phone number:

– 01/4699-111 (subscribers with pin)

– 060/60-20-60

– e-mail: rrif@

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