MORČIĆ – jewellery big brooch

Morčić motif, a recognisable symbol of Rijeka symbols, exotic and decorative, showing Rijeka’s uniqueness.

Ceramic brooch, height 4 cm x width 2 cm. Made on a model of gold earrings which were found in the Romanesque period in Rijeka, and diffused throughout the coast and islands and which became popular with women in the 19th century as aristocratic and necessary jewellery.
Beautiful and luxury pieces of jewellery, which have been passed down from one generation to another within Rijeka’s families and symbolise the act of belonging to the town of Rijeka.

Authentic artist’s craft-work, made using the original, hand-shaped ceramic technique.
The product is fired twice at a temperature of 1000 °C, and additionally decorated with the real gold at 690°C. The Morčić created in this way, is the result of a thirty-year old tradition of working with ceramics, the experience and original idea of the artist, Vladimir Bruketa, a graduate from the Hammersmith College of Art in London, along with members of the Bruketa family.

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Category: Izvorno riječko Label: Nakit
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