Magnet – Trešnja 2 (keramički ukras) – cca 60 x 60 mm

A unique souvenir – magnet created in ceramist Darka Bogetić’s craftshop, dimensions 70 x 60 mm with cherry motif, to celebrate the feast of St. Vitus, patron saint of the city of Rijeka commemorated on 15th June. June Since ancient times cherries were brought from the surrounding areas of Rijeka during celebrations for their patron saint and in this way have become one of the symbols of the city connected to the feast of St. St. Vitus If you would like a souvenir of Rijeka, of its patron saint and of the hot days of mid June, then this souvenir – magnet in the form of cherries will surely evoke memories and emotions. Each example is unique, made of ceramic, hand coloured and burnt at 1000 °C, then glazed and burnt again at 980 °C. The quality magnet has on its reverse side a number of possibilities for collocation.

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