Integralni hotel Molo Longo

A new dimension in tourism services is now available in Rijeka! We are located close to the city centre and just a few steps from the main city promenade – Korzo. What makes us special is the idea of creating a comfortable space for guests to relax and providing maximum support to ensure that they have a great time at every destination. A more intimate atmosphere and a different kind of service is what sets us apart from ordinary hotels. We handle paying for accommodation, checking in and providing all the necessary information regarding your stay at our properties and destination. Property owners that decide to collaborate with us no longer have to deal with online bookings, advertising, welcoming guests, cleaning… it is all taken care of by our hardworking team! Why choose Molo Longo apartments? Because we offer newly furbished and fully furnished apartments and guarantee a pleasant holiday in the immediate vicinity of the local landmarks and the main promenade Korzo. All you need to do is contact us and our professional and experienced team will provide you with your preferred accommodation. Together we will make sure you never forget a single moment spent in our properties.
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The Rijeka Tourist Board is an organisation operating on the principle of destination management, established in order to promote and develop tourism in the Republic

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President of the Tourist Board of Rijeka According to the provisions of the Law and the Statute, the position of President of the Tourist Board

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