The creation of this souvenir was based on a “painted” phrase by the internationally famous and recognized Rijeka artist, Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić. The almost mandatory souvenir motif is the phrase “I love Rijeka” which in this way has become the motif on a series of souvenirs as well as a cheerful and playful phrase “with a signature”. This souvenir and usable object will evoke a feeling of cheerfulness and optimism in each owner. The souvenir contains the declaration in Croatian, English, German and Italian. The 2.5 dl capacity cup is white and the “I love Rijeka” phrase is appliquéd onto it. There are 4 types with regard to the variety of colours in the cup’s interior: blue, yellow, red and pink.

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Category: Izvorno riječko Label: Keramika
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