Hotels in Rijeka

Thanks to its excellent location in the Kvarner Bay, pleasant climate and good traffic connections, Rijeka has always attracted travelers. Already in the middle of the XIX. century, smaller hotels operated in the city: the Hungarian King, the Post Office and the Theater, then the first European hotel with a hundred beds was built on the coast. Along with strong industrial development, a new port and railways, which were built in 1873. connected Rijeka with Vienna and Budapest, large hotels followed: the new Europe on the shore of the harbor and the Hotel de la Villa near the railway station.

Before the First World War, Rijeka was the same size as Zagreb, but much richer. Rijeka’s electric tram started in 1899, 11 years earlier than in Zagreb, and the city got the impressive theater of Fellner and Helmer in 1885, ten years before Zagreb. It is not surprising that in 1914 the city had twenty hotels, some of which were very large. At that time, Opatija was the second tourist destination in the whole of Austria-Hungary, and it had only 13 hotels (but also 133 villas!). Albergo popolare was in the Old Town under the church of St. Vitus, Quarnero and Alla città di Milano were completely forgotten, Royal dominated Korza, Bonavia was in a more modest building than today, Deak, Bristol, Hungaria and Hotel de la Ville were one to the other near the railway station, while Lloyd and the monumental Europa stood in the center of the city.

The largest was the Emigrant Hotel on Mlaka, where many emigrants stayed while waiting to be transported by Cunard Line ships on the direct line to New York. Located in Industrijska Street, right on the coast, it was 160 meters long, with 1,500 beds. There were also hotels Adria and Alla Marina Mercantile in Rijeka. On the eastern side of the Rječina, on Sušak, were the Kontinental, then in the rank of the best European hotels, owned by A. Žagar, the completely forgotten Sušak on the banks of the Rječina, Klotilda on Pećine, and the Jadran, above the small beach, was just being hurriedly completed. The hotel was opened on the 28th. June 1914 year, on the same day that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed in Sarajevo, which was the prelude to the First World War.

Between the two world wars, Sušak was chosen as the most beautifully decorated tourist spot on the coast, and hotels Kontinental, Jadran, Park, Vila Dragica and Resch contributed to this. In the then Italian part of the city there were business hotels: Bonavia, Imperial, Reale, Quarnero, Adria and Excelsior. As times have changed quite a bit, the city has adapted its offer. So today, in addition to four hotels: Bonavia, Kontinental, Neboder and Jadran, there is also a whole series of hostels: Kvarner, Happy, Korzo, Kosy, Češka beseda, Carnevale, Morčić, Kod Duje, boat hotel Marina, Rijeka, Lavanda, Kantrida, Dharma, 1W, Fun, Das Hostel.

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