Hotel Bonavia Plava Laguna

The conference center of the Grand Hotel Bonavia enables the organization of your business events and the reception of up to 130 participants. Our professional team is extremely successful in its efforts to meet and exceed the requirements of the organizers and the expectations of the guests.

We approach each event individually, making it unique for all participants. A carefully selected team of partners and professional associates will make sure that every segment is perfect down to the smallest detail and that you can fully focus on the purpose of your events.

Conference halls
Our three charming ladies, the Karolina, Jozefina and Lujzijana conference halls provide everything you need to hold your business events. The organization of seminars, presentations, meetings, press conferences, job interviews is only part of our offer.

The air-conditioned Karolina conference hall has a floor plan of 4.95 m x 16.60 m, i.e. 86.76 m², the height of the hall is 2.90 m, it has WiFi, dimmable natural lighting and adjustable artificial lights. The hall is equipped with quality furniture and original works of art, and the style follows the decoration of the hotel.

Decently and functionally decorated, the Jozefina conference hall is equipped with original art paintings. Air-conditioned, floor plan 5.20 m x 15.00 m, i.e. 77.00 m², hall height 2.90 m, WiFi available, without the possibility of natural lighting, the hall has artificial lights that can be adjusted to the needs of the event. It is possible to expand the capacity of the hall by connecting it with the Lujzijana hall.
The Lujzijana hall, that is, segment A and segment B of the hall, cannot be completely connected or separated. The hall is partially partitioned with a fixed partition. Independent rental of the B segment of the hall is not possible.

The elegantly decorated, air-conditioned Lujzijana conference hall has a total floor plan area of ​​77 m² (Lujzijana A 7.36 m X 6.00 m = 45.00 m², Lujzijana B 6.20 m x 6.00 m 32.00 m²), hall height 2 ,90 m, has WiFi, dimmable natural lighting and dimmable artificial lights. The interior of the hall is decorated with original artistic paintings.

Jozefina & Lujzijana
We are able to turn the two conference halls for Jozefin and Lujzijan into one unit with a floor plan area of ​​154 m². Both halls are air-conditioned and connected, have natural lighting with the possibility of dimming, as well as artificial lights that can be regulated. The halls have WiFi.

The space of the Moretto meeting room with a floor plan of 21 m² (31 m² with anteroom and bathroom) is air-conditioned, has WiFi and is fully adapted to holding business meetings. It has dimmable natural lighting.


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