Hostel Morčić- RI

Hostel Morčić-Ri is located in the very heart of the city of Rijeka, Korzu, the main thoroughfare that is adored by all generations of people.


Hostel Korzo

Hostel Korzo is brand new, renovated and well equipped hostel in the center of Rijeka. Our small family-run hostel is located in the heart of


Hi hostel Rijeka

Hi Hostel Rijeka is located about a hundred meters from the sea, in a beautiful villa from the 19th century. tel Rijeka smješten je stotinjak


Hostel Kosy

The Kosy Hostel, as its name implies (kosi means leaning in Croatian), is located right in the city centre, close to the Leaning Tower. The


Hostel Happy

Ideal position – the very heart of the city in the old city center, and only a few minutes’ walk to the bus station, tourist


Hostel Rijeka

Hostel Rijeka is a modernly decorated hostel in the very center of Rijeka, on the main city promenade Korzo, which allows the easiest access to


Hostel Češka beseda

The hostel is located in a newly built building located in a family settlement in the western part of Rijeka. Far from city noise with


Hostel Kvarner

Hostel Kvarner is located in the very center of Rijeka, near the railway station. All units are air-conditioned, and free Wi-Fi is available throughout the


Botel Marina

A comfortable, charming, and unique boat-hotel situated in the centre of the City of Rijeka. In 2013, after more than 70 years of navigation, Marina


Das Hostel

A newly renovated and unique hostel located a few meters from Trsat castle, restaurants, market and pristine nature offered by Trsat. The perfect place for

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