Autumn in Rijeka

After a long, warm and rich summer and the warm months we enjoyed, Rijeka offers many opportunities to make the most of autumn. The nature of Rijeka and its surroundings takes on countless autumn colors, which are wonderful subjects for study and photography. Take advantage of the opportunity before the winter months and enjoy numerous outdoor opportunities, such as cycling, walking, diving, sailing and other dynamic activities in nature. Spending time outdoors is certainly one of the most desirable activities in autumn before winter and one of the most important assets of Rijeka and the entire Rijeka ring. Well-maintained walkways are an opportunity to enjoy the ambiance of this area. The network of Rijeka gradaka’s walkways has been carefully planned so that you can visit the city’s biggest sights, and thus you will combine two loves into one, the one for movement and the one for sightseeing. Add to that the third one – Rijeka’s promenades continue in famous hiking trails. Rijeka also has organized bicycle paths. The cycling transversal, partly macadam and partly paved, which connects all the destinations of the Rijeka ring, is our suggested route, as difficult as you decide. From the sea to the old towns on the hills, along the sea and through the wooded areas – it combines many things in one: recreation, the beauty of nature, a tour of cultural monuments and a journey into tradition and many gastronomic temptations. Autumn in Kvarner provides not only colorful colors for enjoying nature, but also numerous indigenous foods that are used in our gastronomic offer. The gastronomic offer in these months will be further refined with a good selection of wines, because after all, Rijeka and its surroundings, with its entire offer, is an exceptional enogastronomic offer that invites its devotees to enjoy delicacies throughout the year, and especially in autumn. In autumn, the river offers many opportunities for study. Enjoy!
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