Adventing by the Theatre

This year too visitors will enjoy the very popular Advent location, Verdi street, where young local caterers will once again join forces in spicing up the Rijeka Advent gastro scene and elevate the Advent street food to a whole new level.

This group are seasoned veterans when it comes to gastro street parties, which is why some of the offered delicacies have already become popular outside the region. This year, Christmas market favourites from all parts of our beautiful country, as well as other Food Truck and Street Food events, will once again delight guests in Rijeka and there will be no scarcity of brand-new recipes and meat and fish delicacies concocted especially for this occasion. When it comes to booze, this is the go-to place for everyone seeking out fresh flavours because, in addition to the usual bar offer, here you will find innovative hot and cold cocktails, “rakija”, sparkling wines, a comprehensive wine list and a variety of interesting non-alcoholic beverages.

The Advent gastro scene has never been more impressive and all you have to do is choose your favourite salty and sweet delectations. For starters, we suggest that you come and meet them as soon as possible, seeing as how renowned chefs, along with up-and-coming virtuosos, will be there and their culinary skills are only matched by their talent to provide a good time!

The venue dubbed Adventing by the Theatre is bound to become an Advent mecca for all true foodies!


26.11. Supercover band

27.11. DJ program

28.11. DJ program

29.11. DJ program

30.11. DJ program

1.12. Jedan dva – Balašević tribute acoustic

2.12. Trio Marinero – after + DJ

3.12. Obrazovni program band + DJ program

5.12. DJ program

6.12. St. Nikola – performance of the Tratinčica children’s choir

7.12. DJ program

8.12. Ivana Kindle acoustic

9.12. The Dudes after job

10.12. Gearbox band and DJ program

11.12. Family day – performance of the Torreta children’s choir

12.12. DJ program

13.12. DJ program

14.12. DJ program

15.12. Coffee Shop Acoustic + DJ program

16.12. Mild Revival afterjob

17.12. DJ program

20.12. Danijel Beni acoustic and DJ program

21.12. Three of a kind acoustic trio and DJ program

22.12. The Dudes afterjob and DJ program

23.12. L’amour – afterjob and DJ program

24.12. DJ program

27.12. DJ program

28.12. DJ program

29.12. Last minute band after job

30.12. Coffee Shop Acoustic

31.12. Saying goodbye to the Old Year at noon and welcoming the New Year – DJ program




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