Advent on the Trsat Castle

Several kilometres of Christmas lights will illuminate Trsat Castle again, as the most popular Christmas market in the region becomes a hotspot once more during the cold winter days.

As in previous years, Trsat Castle will be completely swathed in Christmas lights 12 km long, while other striking decorations dominating this unique space that are worth mentioning include the dazzling votive crown exceeding 5 m in height, Trsat Dragon, the symbol of Trsat Castle, and the 12 m-tall Roman Tower. A one-of-a-kind handmade nativity set containing over 500 pieces will be displayed at the Repose of Heroes (Mir Junaka) mausoleum, and Santa Claus’ cave will also contribute to the fairy tale atmosphere at the castle.

Advent on Gradina kicks off with the lighting of the Christmas lights at 7 pm on Sunday 27 November.

Once again this year, the 5th annual Advent on Gradina will welcome visitors and guests with an abundant selection of gourmet foods and a multitude of seasonal delicacies at five Advent booths within the Trsat Castle walls. Good company, great food, booze and dance music provide the winning combo, with much more to come at Advent on Gradina.

This year there will be also a special attraction over 5 meters high, which will be located at the very entrance to the Trsat Castle.

Step into a genuine Advent fairy tale at the magnificent Trsat Castle!

27.11. Opening of the Advent on Gradina – lighting of Christmas lights

30.12. Santa Claus / Grandma Claus

2.12. Jedan Dva – Tribute duo Balašević

3.12. Advent DJ Session: DJ Tommy

7.12. Santa Claus / Grandma Claus

9.12. Daniel Beni & Damjan Brnić

10.12. Advent DJ Session: DJ Alen Gaćina

14.12. Socializing: Santa Claus / Grandma Claus

16.12. Acoustic duo: “Last minute”

17.12. Tratinčica children’s choir and soloists, DJ Šajeta and Kiki

21.12. Santa Claus / Grandma Claus

22.12. DJ Alen Gaćina

23.12. The Dudes

30.12. DJ Tommy

31.12. Children’s New Year’s Eve with animators and musical performances and DJ Sale

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