A ring of Rijeka’s promenades

A ring of promenades was conceived as a semicircular connection between the extreme south-eastern point (Plumbum) and the extreme north-western point (Preluk) of the city of Rijeka, thus creating the possibility of crossing the entire city on foot. It is divided into several sections and subsections, nature trails woven into the coastal configuration, surrounded by lush vegetation of indigenous plants. All paths start and end at the bus stops of urban or suburban bus lines, thus ensuring a quick return to the starting point or to any other place in the city.

The special feature of those paths is that every section of Rijeka’s promenades is a continuation of a well-known hiking trail. The paths are marked with a conspicuous white arrow on the yellow background. At the bus stops located at the endpoints of every section or subsection, there are information boards containing basic information about a particular path. Mapu možete preuzeti OVDJE

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