3D Morčić – crystal prism candle holder measuring 50x50x80mm

Morčić is one of the most famous symbols of the city of Rijeka, as well as a mascot and a trademark of the international Rijeka Carnival. Morčić is a type of authentic jewellery and souvenir from Rijeka, Kvarner and Croatian Littoral, which in addition to its aesthetic and decorative purposes, also symbolises affection towards these regions, and carries a part of the history of Rijeka. A black man with a turban is a symbol which spreads positive energy, carries optimism, and its proximity guarantees wishes coming true, peace and protection from enemies and evil powers, and many consider it to be Rijeka’s good luck charm. The product is a combination of traditional culture and modern technology. Morčić is shaped by a demanding 3D modelling technique on a computer, in the size that is best for modelling and later adapted to the needs and size of the crystal, into which a 3D model of Morčić is engraved by laser. Crystal prism candle holder measuring 50 x 50 x 80 mm, containing quite a realistic representation of a three-dimensional Morčić. The candle holder comes in a dark blue elegant box whose interior is covered in dark blue silk. The souvenir comes with a label in Croatian, English, German, and Italian.

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